The Solution

When a child acts in a way that brings attention to themselves it is because that are hurting inside.

A child suffering abuse at home will act out when away from home hoping for some intervention and they will use drugs to help to escape the pain in their heads from the years of abuse.

This child can only be helped if they have a profound psychic change. The only really successful program is in Italy and our program is based on that program for the foundation inspiration for Shangri-La Foundation.

A damaged child does not know what love looks like. So Shangri-La Foundation will teach the kids how to love themselves so that they can begin to love others.

The house will be a functional democracy. The running of the house will be the responsibility of the members. each member will be part of a group (3) in this case.

Problems within the group will be taken to a group meeting held each night. The Group Service Representative (elected by the group) will present their daily reports. If there are issues they will be resolved through discussion and a group vote on action to be taken regarding the issue.

Each Sunday the groups will report on their management responsibilities. each group will report on their work week and if there any issues to be resolved.

The rules will be very simple no unauthorized drugs will be allowed. No person shall act towards another other than in the way a LOVING GOD would act.

All disputes will be settled using the daily meeting process outlined above.

Retired professionals have promised 40 hours a week of teaching in many trades. We have a small ultralight Aircraft we will be teaching the members how to fly , how to ride, how to fix a car, how to fix some hair, how to bake some bread how to milk a cow. We will be self-sufficient and have a cash income form the sale of surplus goods and application of local services.

Children will arrive broken and in despair will leave us whole mentally healthy young adults.

We will strive to double our capacity each year and open our second center in 5 years.