The problem is addiction!

The Biggest financial, Health social, and economic problem facing the world is addiction! Alcoholic/addicts abuse their children
without even meaning to. Read on to learn how and why…

The Shangri-La Foundation has developed a program that will re-train the neural pathway of victims of child abuse.

It is a fact that drug addiction and alcoholism begin in childhood and then blossom in adolescence. becoming a fatal disease by mid life.

effects of yelling at a child
If only a one time occurrence that’s life if it happens every day that is abuse

The Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) study initiated in the 90’s by the Kaiser Permanente showed that fully 90% of all substance abuse issues begin with systemic and ongoing physical, psychological and emotional abuse.

The propensity to addiction is not drug based, it is built into the character of the person, to believe that a person becomes addicted just because they take a drug, prescription is not and never has been the problem. The problem is that an addictive personality is give relief from the indescribable pain of an abusive childhood that the moment they take an opioid they begin the road to addiction and then finally death.

There is no doubt that the current paradigm of rehabilitation simply does not work!

The success rate of rehabilitation centers is on average 10%!

The rehabilitation paradigm currently in effect in North America is broken. No business would ever survive on a success rate of 10% yet this is the rate of success that 90% of the recovery homes in North America achieve.

What I propose is a recovery and treatment center and Learning Center, for struggling (addicted) person in trouble who need to get into recovery. based on a farm in the Fraser Valley. our adult supervised facility will have 15 young people sharing 5 bedrooms. I need $5 million dollars to start each site, with that amount we can earn out daily expenses through investments and income from the farm and local business training centers

I have a proposal and a process, which will provide results much closer to 90%. It will require that person who are struggling with life get a completely new way of looking at themselves and the world!

 Most normal people do not become addicts!

Some people who have had multiple adverse childhood experiences, become extremely successful and have driven passionate lives, but they are the ones who when they are driven to opioids become full blown addict.

For these people doctors should do a very thorough interview to determine if they were abused children and opioid must not be given to them PERIOD!

The act of circumventing the prescription is driven by the need to feel the HIGH that the first dose gave them , in that moment they crossed the Rubicon of addiction, from which only a well-designed recovery program can bring them back.

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